my amazing future challenge 9

Today im going to talk about my future. Where I want to live. I want to live in a nice and peaceful place. I would love to live in Florida. I want to live right next to Disney. I want kids to go to Disney every year. Also its nice and warm all year around. Theres lots of water there and lots of wildlife and flowers.

My dream car would be a mustang boss read and black. Its been my dream car for long time. its not that expensive compared to other cars. i would like a nice garage. I would also like a dodge challenger r/t black. its one of my favourites from fast and the furious.


my dream job would be fulltime gamer and work with machinama . gaming is my life and gaetting paid to do it is the best.

3 thoughts on “my amazing future challenge 9

  1. I would the same job as you machinima would be great and would not like getting paid to game,overall great post tim

  2. Well done Timothy,
    I think a dream job should always be something you really want to do. I have now retired from teaching but was asked to run a Tasmanian wide program for online students – I was allowed to do this through blogging – so for one day per week I am paid to do something I love.

  3. PS I notice that many of your posts are just numbers. Remember a great post will have a catchy title that will lure your visitors into reading that post.

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